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The history of the La Peracca farm was born from the passion of our grandparents Walter and Leopolda for healthy living, authentic with the aim of giving their children and grandchildren a place in which to grow together.
For this reason, in the 1950s, they purchased the farmhouse that we now take care of, which in those days everyone called "The Colony".
In fact, it was Mrs Peracca who transformed the house into a colony for children with breathing difficulties, after the tragic death of her son.
Many people made a concrete contribution to the maintenance of the house, so that it was a beautiful and peaceful place. Its position has always made it an oasis in which to refresh the mind, soul and body.
A few years later, our father Ettore developed a very strong passion for life hidden in natural processes: agriculture, the enchantment of some natural processes began to fascinate him at the age of 13.
He therefore begins to delve into the world of forestry, learning from his friend Vittorio how to cut down trees without damaging the ecosystem in order to prepare firewood.
Then he becomes passionate about the production of food, vegetables above all: in parallel with teaching he maintains the agricultural activity, producing vegetables and cereals, then he delves into the world of energy from renewable sources which he deepens in a PhD at the University of Turin and discovers wood chips: wood chips that come from pruning waste and are used as fuel. In the 2000s he planted a small hazelnut grove, on the particularly sloping land of a family friend, who had asked him to keep the plot clean.
The agricultural company has always been a "family affair": in fact, even Patrizia, Ettore's wife, also a teacher, has always contributed concretely to the development of the company: from the harvesting of potatoes, to the education of the children, to respect for nature, to involvement in new projects lived with attention and intuition.
The passion infects Ettore and Patrizia's two children, Francesco and Elisabetta, who choose to continue in the footsteps of their father: Francesco on the timber front, increasing the activity with the design and maintenance of green areas and gardens. Elisabetta on the food front, increasing the cultivation of hazelnuts by transforming them into confectionery products.
It is 2011 and the family farm becomes the main occupation for Francesco and Elisabetta, thus "La Peracca" was born, a name that has always encompassed all the family experiences.

Working as a team, on different fronts but with a single objective, collaboration and attention to others have always been characteristics of our family.
We immediately began to collaborate with the University of Turin, making ourselves available to host students from the faculties of Economics, Food Technologies and Communication Sciences on internships.
We believe that collaboration with the people who live in the same area as us is fundamental, so we choose some partners to create business networks, thanks to which we can carry out important forest redevelopment work.

In 2017 we present a renovation project for part of the farmhouse to build a hazelnut processing laboratory. The project is approved by the PSR and in 2018 we inaugurate the new operational headquarters!
We have to roll up our sleeves and come up with good ideas to support the project, but fortunately we don't lack the desire to do things and ideas.
Since 2020 we have experienced, like many other companies, very strong changes, completely unexpected, very fast.
In recent decades, food consumption has undergone strong changes, in reference to the improvement in the standard of living in "our" part of the world.

2021 profoundly affected our family and internal balance, when our father, Ettore, passed away. The backbone collapsed without warning, but we were not discouraged, we are here today to testify to what we have learned together with him to best develop our possibilities.

We have always believed that only collaboration, synergy and networking build and support the territory:


We propose that you support our project by subscribing to a monthly or quarterly subscription to our products.

How does it work?
We take care of preparing an assortment of our breakfast products and more, and we deliver them directly to your home, via courier or direct delivery, we ask you to support us, simply by consuming our products.
At the time of purchase you will be able to find out which products you will receive and if you like, you will also be able to taste, and thus support, products from farmers with whom we are in constant discussion and collaboration.
The subscription is repeatable and can become a wonderful treat for you and your family or an affectionate gift to dedicate to whoever you want.

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